Thursday, May 10, 2012

RUNWAY PEARL - Revlon nail polish

I have to much nail polishes jet every time I am shopping in grocery store I always go to cosmetic section.  When my selection hit approx. 150 nail polishes I know is time to select and give them away. I just reorganize nail polish collection and I said to my self - not even one; don't have place to store, don't need one. I am shopaholic and most of my nail polish were used once; they are some which were not used at all - I am bad, I know. But when I saw that nail polish I had to have. First I thought I have something like that because the bottle does not do very good job but after I paint my nails - WOW. Unique, perfect light color. Good for any age in any occasion. It is not pearly, it is not white it has a little pink color in it. My nail picture is very bad and it does not its justice but next time I have it on my nails I will try to do better picture and add. It is a limited edition so next time you see in the store look and see what I am talking about.

Do you have this nail polish?
How do you like?

Ciao Amigas!!!.............with lots of LOVE IwonKa XO


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  6. I love this color! I will look for it in the shops TODAY! Hope it's still there!

    xx from Amsterdam

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  8. I don't have this colour, but its beautiful. WOW 150!!??!! That IS alot :D

  9. THANK YOU ALL for LOVELY comments. Sorry for not so good pictures. I love this color so much, I have so many but not this shade. If you see in stores see what I am talking about. It is a limited addition.

    Wish YOU AWASOME days...XO IwonKa

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